Why Zing

With Zing Solar, going green has never been easier. Our team of professionals can have your new solar system professionally designed and installed in as little as 3 weeks. And best of all, with Zing’s best in class Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you don’t have to spend a single dollar to begin enjoying the savings and satisfaction of having solar on your home. You can be up and running and saving money every month in just 4 easy steps:

Installing Solar Panels on your house

How It Works

How Solar Panels Work

Harnessing the energy of the sun to help reduce carbon emissions while saving money has never been easier. Once Zing Solar installs the solar system on your roof, you will immediately enjoy the cost savings and environmental benefits of solar.

    Solar Powered Homes

Why Solar?

Solar simply makes sense. If just 5% of Americans started using solar, it would be the same as:

• Taking 7,700,000 cars off the road
• Removing 89,600,000 pounds of CO2 out of the environment
• Retiring 6,900,000 trees from their CO2 offsetting jobs

When you choose to go solar, you are doing your part to help reduce CO2 emissions and make the world a better place to live in.

But going solar isn’t just about helping the environment. It also makes sense financially. When you sign up with Zing Solar’s PPA, you lock in a low, predictable electricity rate for years to come. Our average customer’s save 20% to 30% and as energy prices rise, the savings just get better. So when you can go green and save money at the same time, there’s really no reason not to sign up with Zing Solar.

Solar Energy Cost Savings

About Us

At Zing Solar, our mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate alternative energy solution combined with an exceptional customer service experience. By adapting Solar Power, our customers make a significant contribution to the health of the environment while enjoying a substantial savings each month on their energy bill. This solution combined with our customer-centric business philosophy embodies our mission with the environment and our commitment to our customers.


How much does it cost? 

With Zing Solar’s Power Purchase Agreement, you won’t have to spend any money to have solar installed on your roof.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is sign up with Zing Solar by signing our Power Purchase Agreement. We do the rest. We will survey your home, design a perfect system that fits your needs, and install the system free of charge. You can just sit back and enjoy the environmental and financial benefits associated with going solar.

How much will I save?

The average Zing Solar customer saves about 20% to 30% per month, although you might save more depending on how much sun your roof gets and how big your monthly electricity bill is.
Does the system require a lot of maintenance?

No, the system will require practically no maintenance. All you need to do is make sure there’s not any debris or trees blocking the panels and you’ll be good to go.

What if I move?

Not a problem. If you move, we will help you switch your PPA over to the new homeowner. Having solar on your roof will even most likely increase the value of your home.


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